Water technologies are a $483 billion global market in the world. In addition, thousands of illnesses and deaths from polluted water consumption are annually reported worldwide. Therefore, attention should be paid to provide drinking water through new technologies.

The International Startup of Novel Technologies in Drinking Water (ATISU) provides collaboration in new technology in drinking water between the International University, government, Iranian national water association and schools of water Sciences.

ATISU is located within the Medical Biotech Growth Incubator in Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

  • The main objectives of ATISU are including:
  • Facing new ideas with mentors and sponsors
  • Providing anyone all over the world the opportunity to develop the skills and connections in novel technologies in drinking water domain
  • Coordinating the functions of other incubators in the drinking water domain
  • Strengthening the entrepreneurship in the drinking water technologies
  • Promoting knowledge-driven and technology-based startup ventures by students, faculties, and local entrepreneurs in the drinking water technologies
  • Planning and implementing linkages with incubators and industry