Masoumeh Ebtekar: “Women should be pioneers in preventing waste of water and food”

“The provincial Water Footprint Conference seeks to institutionalize Iranian women in water and food management”, said the Vice President of Women and Family Affairs, pointing out that women can be pioneers in water and food waste prevention.


According to ISNA, Masoumeh Ebtekar, in Water Footprint Provincial Conference and Lady of Water educational as well as national project which were held in Khorramabad, remarked “the eighth Water Footprint Conference will be held hosted by Lorestan and jointly between Ministry of Energy and Vice President’s Office of Women and Family Affairs”.


She announced the formation of a national campaign to save water with the aim of people and public participation, noting that public participation is the key to save.


Ebtekar noted that we need to change consumption behavior in attitude and behavior, and added: “we need to change behavior towards water and nature in Lorestan because we face many crises while environmental waste impacts on the health and safety of communities”.


The Vice President said “modification of consumption pattern is emphasized by Islamic teachings because in Islam it is ordered to avoid extravagance”, pointing out that the current spending and control of water resources would be reduced by reforming consumption patterns.


She noted that one-third of the country’s food supplies are depleted in the cycle from farm to table and declared “Women must be pioneers in preventing water and food waste and what is left from dishes should not be lost in receptions”.


Masoumeh Ebtekar added “modifying the pattern of cultivation and irrigation based on the country’s climate conditions and underground aquifers is critical in villages”, emphasizing the influence of women in the water consumption pattern.


“We should not neglect the role of media in reforming food and water consumption patterns and reducing food waste”, continued the Vice President.

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